2009 PQRI Update: Clarification on Anesthesiologists’ Reporting of Measures 128 and 130

In addition to Measures 30 and 76, anesthesiologists may now report on Measures 128 (BMI) and 130 (Documentation & Verification of Current Medications in the Medical Record), both of which contain anesthesia codes. All four measures are excluded from the Measure-Applicability Validation Process; thus, if you satisfactorily report on any or all of these measures you are eligible to receive an incentive. However, there is no requirement to report on all the measures. If, however, you do choose to report on these additional measures, ASA would like to remind you that you must meet the 80% threshold on every measure you report to qualify for the PQRI incentive payment. For example, if you report on Measure 30 90% of the time and Measure 128 50% of the time you will not qualify for the incentive bonus because you did not reach the 80% threshold on the second measure, regardless of your performance on the first measure. ASA encourages members to participate in the PQRI program but wants to ensure members understand the requirements of reporting on multiple measures.

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