Proposed 2013 Medicare physician fee schedule for top 10 Anesthesia & Pain codes

The proposed 2013 Medicare physician fee schedule contains a 27% pay cut for the top 10 anesthesia codes. The following chart provides a snapshot of how the reimbursement for anesthesia and pain management practices will be effected in 2013 for 10 of the most commonly billed codes unless Congress takes action to halt the pay cut.

The codes were selected based on the most recent utilization data for anesthesia and pain management specialists. The fees shown are for services performed by a participating physician in a non-facility setting. They have not been adjusted for locality.



2012   Fee

2013   Fee


Drain/inject joint/bursa




S/I Joint Injection




Inject spine cervical/thoracic




Inj foramen epidural l/s




Inj paravert f  jnt l/s 1 level




Fluoroscopic guidance




Office visit – new patient




Office/outpatient visit new




Office/outpatient visit est




Office/outpatient visit est




2 Responses to “Proposed 2013 Medicare physician fee schedule for top 10 Anesthesia & Pain codes”
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