Anesthesia Technology Review

I just returned home from the American Society of Anesthesiologists meeting on practice management in Houston, Texas. Highlights of the show were my introduction to ePreop and a more in depth look at Sharable Ink.

 ePREOP is a web-based software product designed to reduce the time and energy required in the preop area of anesthesia practices and bridge the gap between the surgeons office and anesthesia providers. The software analyzes hundreds of thousands of data points and delivers preoperative clinical guidelines. These recommendations can significantly improve postoperative outcomes, decrease case delays and cancellations, and save money by reducing lab tests. ePREOP allows for a seamless transfer of patient data between parties and eliminates duplicate patient interviews. When an existing EHR is not in use, ePREOP provides a stand-alone Preoperative EHR that is accessible from a kiosk, iPad, or computer. The data is sent directly to the surgical facility along with preoperative testing recommendations and personalized evidence-based patient instructions.

 ePREOP’s CEO and co-founder, David Bergman, DO, is a practicing anesthesiologist. “Our mission is to enable patients and physicians to achieve the highest quality preoperative care and to improve surgical outcomes.

 I like this product and think that Dr. Bergman and company are on the right track. Check them out at

 Sharable Ink is a new twist on a proven technology that I think has solved the problem of adoption for an anesthesia EMR. Sharable Ink uses a digital pen to record the ball point pen strokes that each anesthesia provider makes on the printed anesthesia records currently used in the facility. By not changing the recording process Sharable Ink can implement their service in lightning speed with limited training required. They have the potential to grab huge market share in the anesthesia EMR space. I like the service and hope my anesthesia practices will see the value and implement this service.

Check them out at

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