Do Not Delay MACRA Implementation

According to Medicare’s 2014 PQRS Experience Report published in April 2016, 45% of healthcare in the United States occurs in practices of 10 or fewer providers. There are 453,000 Providers in 256,000 Practices nationwide that share small practice barriers to delivering data about quality to Medicare.  Anything that is disastrous to those practices puts 45% of healthcare access at risk. Compared to their peers in larger practices, these small practices are less likely to have an Electronic Medical Record. If they have an Electronic Medical Record, they are unlikely to have affordable access to electronic reporting. And they are less likely to participate today in Medicare’s Physician Quality Reporting System.

First, there are problems with the MACRA & MIPS proposed rule that are disastrous to small practices. There are problems that will not be fixed with a one, two, or even ten-year delay. And the problems could be fixed with some simple modifications to the proposed rules.

Second, the complex array of programs that MACRA will replace have significant dysfunctions. It will be beneficial to most of us to replace those programs as quickly as possible to alleviate those dysfunctions.

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