Partners Not Cooperating?

My family and I like to watch the Dog Whisperer. The Dog Whisperer is a reality television series that follows Cesar Millan as he works in the field of dog rehabilitation.

For those that haven’t seen it, the program shows Cesar being invited to a home to train dogs that have behavioral problems. It is interesting to see how Cesar is able to bring balance to the dogs behavior. But more compelling is the dog owners’ transformation.

Even thought the show is about dogs, it is really more about humans. As one author put it, Cesar showed [the owners] that their own unconscious issues were being manifested by the dogs. Aggression in the dog may have been covering for some weakness in the owner. By helping the owner become “calm, assertive,” the dog fell back into a calm submissive and balanced state.

Just like Cesar teaches dog owners that their unconsciousness is what may be dictating their dogs behaviors, as anesthesia practice leaders, we must also consider that our behaviors as managers may be driving problems among partners and employees.

To create the change that we want in our anesthesia practices, we have to look at ourselves first and adjust our behavior in order to see the change we want in others.