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The recently expanded recall of certain lots of propofol by Hospira, coupled with the latest announcement from Teva that it will cease further production of propofol, has led to many questions and concerns regarding propofol supplies.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is aware of the difficulty many anesthesia professionals and facilities are experiencing in maintaining their propofol supplies.  According to FDA officials, the Agency continues to authorize the importation of Fresenius Propoven 1% (propofol 1%) by APP. APP is also increasing production of APP Diprivan® and generic propofol.  In addition, FDA is hopeful that Hospira will be releasing new product shortly, since the company has recently instituted manufacturing changes in an effort to alleviate previous production problems.

Anesthesia providers and facilities should still attempt to obtain propofol through their normal distribution chains.  Those who are experiencing difficulties, however, may contact APP to arrange direct shipments. Please see the following link for a “Dear Health Care Professional Letter” from APP regarding ordering information.

Order propofol directly from APP:

As always it is important for FDA to understand the extent of all drug shortages. Therefore, if you or your facility are experiencing difficulty obtaining any medication, please contact the FDA Drug Shortage Division to let them know.

Contact information for the FDA’s Drug Shortage Division:

Additional information on the propofol shortage from the FDA can be found at the following website, which also contains answers to some frequently asked questions.

FDA Propofol Shortage Website:


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  1. Robert
    Excellent awareness and post… As a practicing anesthesiologist and colleague.. You guys do a terrific job.
    I welcome you and your partners to blog on the site above about anecdotal clinical challenges as well.
    Thanks for your work and time.

    Kindest regards
    Stanford Plavin MD
    Atlanta, Ga.