ASC procedure volume and length benchmarks (CDC data 2010)

There are around 48.3 million surgeries performed in ASCs per year, and 70 percent were associated with the digestive system, musculoskeletal system, integumentary system and nervous system, according to a report from the CDC

The report, released in May 2017, focuses on data from 2010, which is the most recent year available. Here are key statistics from the report:

Number of procedures

  1. Digestive procedures including colonoscopies: 4 million
  2. Eye procedures including lens extraction: 2.9 million
  3. Nervous system procedures including spinal canal and pain relief injections: 2.9 million
  4. Lens insertion: 2.6 million procedures for cataracts
  5. Endoscopy of the small intestine: 2.2 million
  6. Musculoskeletal procedures: 1.3 million
  7. Integumetary system procedures: 1.2 million
  8. Endoscopic polypectomy of the large intestine: 1.1 million 
  9. Eyelid operations: 1 million 

Time benchmarks for procedures

  • Operating room time: 50 minute per procedure (compared to 63 minutes in HOPDs)
  • Time spent in surgery: 29 minutes (compared to 37 minutes in HOPDs)
  • Postoperative care: 51 minutes (compared to 89 minutes in HOPDs)
  • Endoscopies: 14 minutes to perform
  • Endoscopic polypectomy of the large intestine: 21 minutes
  • Cataract surgery, extraction or insertion of the lens: 10 minutes
  • Eyelid operations: 23 minutes
  • Knee arthroscopy: 32 minutes

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