Kentucky Opts Out of Federal Manadate for CRNAs

Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear announced Friday that the state will exempt hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers from the federal requirement that certified nurse anesthetists must be supervised by a physician when administering anesthesia. 

The change is a necessary step in improving access to care in rural and underserved areas of the state, Mr. Beshear said in a statement. “In cases like this, where the federal requirement is an obstacle to some of the best options for delivery of high-quality health care, we’re pleased to take this step to opt out,” he said.
The Kentucky Society of Anesthesiologists is opposing the opt-out. “An opt-out would have dangerous ramifications to the patients of Kentucky and jeopardize Kentucky’s ability to deliver quality medical care,” a KSA press release said.

Anesthesiologist Are Happier than the Average Physician

Medscape asked U.S. physicians how happy they were with their lives outside of medicine and to rate their level of happiness on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the least happy and 5 being the happiest.  Anesthesiologists had an average happiness score of 4.0, which was higher than the average physician response of 3.96.
Anesthesiologists’ Top 5 Pastimes
1.    Exercise/physical activity
2.    Travel
3.    Reading
4.    Food and wine
5.    Cultural events (movies, theater, museums) 
Anesthesiologists’ Political Leanings
Fiscally conservative/socially liberal: 44%
Fiscally conservative/socially conservative: 42%
Fiscally liberal/socially liberal: 11%
Anesthesiologists’ Top 5 Vacation Spots
1.    Foreign travel
2.    Beach vacation
3.    Cruises
4.    Vacation home
5.    Road trips
Anesthesiologists’ Marital Status
Married: 82 percent
Divorced or separated: 6.83 percent
Single and living alone: 6.5 percent 
Anesthesiologists’ Physical Health
Anesthesiologists were asked to rate their physical health, on a scale from 1 to 5.
Age 31-40: 4.11
Age 41-50: 4.22
Age 51-60: 4.12
Age 61-70: 4.09